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Placement Application and Resources

Students complete the placement application prior to starting Year I of the Professional Education sequence. Students are then required to submit a student teaching cover letter and resume to School and Community Experiences during the fall of Year I, after attending a cover letter and resume building workshop. These materials are then used to secure a full-time student teaching placement for the student teaching semester in the spring of Year II. Please use the examples below to guide your creation of your student teaching cover letter and resume.

Students have the option of student teaching in several areas across the state of Illinois. We will pursue student teaching placements on behalf of students interested in student teaching within the Chicago Public Schools, suburban Chicago schools, and locally in the Champaign-Urbana and surrounding area.


Placement  Application

Directions for Placement Application Process

Placement Application FAQs

Local Placement Map (shows general locations of local placements)

Northern Student Teaching Map

Student Teaching Acknowledgment to reference


Cover Letter and Resume Workshop

Cover Letter / Resume Workshop PPT Presentation - Fall 2023

Student Teaching Cover Letter Example

Student Teaching Resume Example