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April 2024 Nominations




Early Childhood / Elementary Education

Alicia Caldwell - Kindergarten - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Elementary School

"From the very first day, Ms. Alicia made me feel welcomed by her warm energy and her effort to introduce me to everyone in the school. Ms. Alicia is always thinking of new ways to engage her students and make learning an enjoyable experience for them. She is constantly advocating not only for her students but also the school community. She creates a safe learning space for children to learn and grow! She gives her students the kind of unconditional support and love every child deserves :) Although my time in Ms. Alicia’s classroom was short, I have learned greatly from her and am grateful for everything I have learned!" - Irina Z.


Abby McDonald - 2nd Grade - St. Joseph Grade School

"Mrs. McDonald has been such an amazing role model during my student teaching experience. I am so lucky to learn from her and teach alongside her. I admire Mrs. McDonald's authenticity and fun-loving personality. She makes school fun and enjoyable for not only our students, but me as well. She is supportive and encouraging to me while I navigate lesson planning and instruction. Not only do I look up to Mrs. McDonald as a teacher, but she is also the most wonderful leader, person, coach, and mom. I am proud to be able to call her my cooperating teacher and have her as a lifelong partner to work with! Thanks for all you do!" - Addison P.


Holly Krebs - 2nd Grade - Hale Elementary School

"Holly has done an amazing job demonstrating all the good qualities in being a successful teacher. We have built a great relationship in working together to ensure success for our students. Holly has allowed me to grow within her classroom and has encouraged me to take risks in my teaching. Any student teacher would be lucky to have Holly as their Mentor." - Giuliana M.


Lisa Palinski - 3rd Grade - Mark Denman Elementary School

"Ms. Palinski made me feel loved and comforted everyday! Student teaching can be a mentally draining time, and having a welcoming, loving energy made such a big difference. She taught me the most about classroom management. She had such a strong relationship with her students, where the class truly felt like a family. I learned more than I could have imagined from her." - Hayden C.


Mindy Lamberti - 3rd Grade - Wescott Elementary School

"I have been so lucky to have Mindy Lamberti as my coop for student teaching. From the moment I met her to now only having a month left she has been the greatest example of the teacher I want to become for my future students. Her motivation and productiveness to each of her students has reminded me of what a teacher should be like. From the students perspectives I can see the respect they have for her but also the comfortability and playfulness they have with her. I hope to have that kind of relationship with each of my students." - Hannah L.


Joel Losoff - 3rd Grade - Wescott Elementary School

"He has been so supportive over my time in the classroom this semester. I was nervous coming into Student Teaching but he instantly made me comfortable. Mr. Losoff gives great advice and takes notes to help me improve my teaching techniques. He has also helped me to grow and notice this growth over the last 12 weeks." - Alyssa E.


Sharla Waugh - 3rd Grade - Clara Peterson Elementary School

"Mrs. Waugh is one of the best teachers I have ever seen and I am so grateful I get to learn under her everyday. She is a true veteran teacher and provides her students with so many hands-on learning opportunities. She is extremely creative and knows her students like the back of her hand. Throughout this semester, she has shown me the in's and out's of being a teacher while remaining so positive!" - Carli K.


Kristine Rousseau - 4th Grade - Lincoln Trail Elementary School

"I feel as if she has been an amazing mentor in all aspects. Not just with classroom management, lesson planning, and teaching, but also with parent contact, job applications, working with colleagues, and balancing work/life. I have learned so much from her and feel as if her attitude in general has helped me gain a lot of perspective and made me so much more sure of myself as an educator. She is someone who I feel as if I can go to with anything, even if it is not school related because she has done such a great job building a relationship with me." - Emma R.


Amanda Baikie - 4th Grade - Stony Creek Elementary School

"Mandy has made student teaching an unforgettable experience. Her infinite wisdom and guidance have been such a support throughout my journey in the classroom. She has given me the space to grow and flourish as a classroom teacher, while still being a constant support. Her insight has helped guide me to become a teacher that does everything they can to see their students succeed. I am so beyond grateful to have been given the opportunity to learn from Mandy, and I know that everything she has taught me will benefit my future students and myself well into my career." - Jessi P.


Magali Cristaldo - 4th Grade - Eastlawn Elementary School

"Mrs. Cristaldo goes above and beyond as a cooperating teacher. She is a model on advocating for her students and has used her voice to speak on the needs for growth and improvement in the bilingual department. In addition, she is the coordinator in the after school program and is getting her principal license. She truly embodies what it means to be a leader inside and outside the classroom. She has been the biggest support system and i hope to be just like her in my classroom." - Gabriela D.


Elizabeth Harris - 5th Grade - Stratton Academy of the Arts

"Incredible management, extremely compassionate and an expert in the field. It is truly a privilege to be in the classroom." - Krystofer C.


Emily Hines - 4th and 5th Grade - Armstrong G Elementary School

"Ms. Hines is an incredible teacher who has taught me so much. She is collaborative and constructive with every piece of advice she gives. It is clear she cares about her students and that translates into her teaching style. I’m very glad to be placed with her!" - Audrey P.





Middle Grades Education


Jessica Anderson - 6th and 8th Grade Math - Oriole Park School

"Mrs. Anderson has been an incredible mentor during my student teaching journey. From the beginning, she has welcomed me into her classroom with open arms. Her positivity and passion for education create a safe environment for every student. Mrs. Anderson always emphasizes the importance of building relationships with students and highlights the role of these bonds  in effective classroom management. Mrs. Anderson has taught me not only how to be a better teacher, but how to be a good colleague!" - Claudia G.


Jessica Kocanda - 6th Grade Reading/Language Arts - JW Eater Jr High School

"Ms.Kocanda took me on as her student teacher later-on in the semester, which I am extremely grateful for. We have had strong communication since I started student teaching in her classroom, and she has been a positive example and role model as a teacher, professional, and friend throughout my experience. Ms. Kocanda makes JW Eater a better place because of the connections she has built and maintained with students and staff in the building. She is everyone's favorite teacher and team member because of the work she does and impact she makes!" - Grace J.


Michael Carpenter - 6th Grade Writing - Jefferson Middle School

"Michael Carpenter is an excellent cooperating teacher. From the very beginning of the semester he has shown himself to be a compassionate, thoughtful and helpful mentor. He has allowed me to really branch out and explore my role as a teacher. He has also given me the respect and consideration that I had not yet been afforded in a field experience before. He treats not only me, but my fellow student teachers at the school with such respect and encourages us to be integral parts in the decision making of our students as well as school wide meetings.  He has taken every question and out of the box idea I have thrown at him with grace and patience. I am very thankful that I got placed with Michael Carpenter this semester and I know that even after my placement is over, I will still look to him as an advisor and role model." - Samantha S.


Michelle Quintos - 8th Grade Math - McClure Junior High School

"From day one of student teaching, Chele made sure I felt welcomed in her classroom, as well as in the school community. Her passion for teaching is clear, as she comes to school with a positive mindset and enthusiasm each day. This has been truly inspiring! Additionally, throughout my student teaching journey, Chele has served as an exceptional mentor, offering support and invaluable feedback. Her guidance has not only facilitated my growth as an educator but has also introduced me to many new ideas that I plan to implement in my future classroom. I am so grateful I have had the chance to work with, and learn from, such a wonderful teacher during my student teaching experience!" - Cara M.





Secondary Education


Amber Cluver - Social Studies - Armstrong Township High School

"Amber has been an invaluable mentor and guide to me throughout my student teaching. She has consistently gone above and beyond to ensure I have the necessary tools, knowledge, and encouragement to succeed. She is always approachable and willing to provide guidance, feedback, and support, whether it be assisting with lesson planning, navigating challenges, or celebrating successes. Moreover, she also has allowed me so much creative freedom in her classroom to explore my teaching style and is always receptive to my ideas. She is the biggest reason why I feel comfortable and confident to take on my own classroom. Her mentorship extends beyond the classroom as she generously devotes her time and expertise to help me grow personally and professionally. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to learn from such an exemplary teacher, and I could not have asked for a better cooperating teacher!" - Mikaela J.